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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

1. We do Branding & Communication
2. We translate them into digital media, brochures and POS Materials.
3. 8SNAP is founded by Don Quek, you can view his extensive site HERE.
4. We still sketch on papers.
5. We did not use 8 for auspicious purposes.
6. Current headcount: 4. Four more to go.
7. We have no affiliation with 12SNAP. They have nicer offices than us.
8. Oh, and we like music.

1. We keep teams small. Maximum 8, no matter how big a project is.
2. Thinking branding consistently.
3. We like fancy stuff, but hate over-hyped fluff.
4. Sketch, sketch, sketch.
5. It's good to dream, and remember them.
The Sheep Dances fatbong